clay with a view: I am now offering pottery experiences at my forest grove studio

just another morning at the wheel

what I am throwing: this week I am throwing thumb mugs (which are a delight to hold!), big ole' bowls and I am dabbling with olive oil cruets.  It is only Tuesday so who knows what I will be throwing by Saturday.

what I am listening to at the wheel: The Rabbit Effect

what I am trimming and drying: 3 face pots (pioneer dark clay) and some big ramen bowls (made out of a new plum black clay that I'm experimenting with)

what I am thankful for: 

•glorious rain (we've had a uber dry spring and our land is sparse in the irrigation department)

•our new kayaks that we got to take on a test run before the rains came

•my hill of poppies.  I planted them last year and now the whole hill is covered with wildflowers.  Every time I drive home, I get a huge smile when I see that field of orange below our house.  

•edison's newest skill is blowing kisses.  He blew me tons of kisses via FaceTime yesterday and it was pretty stinking adorable.