my clay + me

Welcome to my little clay splattered corner of the internet.   When I fell madly in love with pottery, my heart was too busy for me to realize that I was choosing a dirty art with heavy supplies and breakable creations.  

I started throwing pottery in the quiet of the pandemic, jumping on an opportunity to take a class that I had always wanted to enroll in but that carpool duties had made impossible.  It didn't take many lessons for me to be addicted to the calm that came from the clay spinning through my hands.  My little adhd brain had found the best fidget spinner ever.  

I love my moments at the wheel, creating handmade and intentionally designed items for home everywhere.  As a mom who has a decent level of chaos going on in my life, I have always treasured the time I spend cradling a cup of tea in my hands.  Long before I discovered the power of a handmade mug, I had concluded that the texture of a mug directly impacted the taste of my tea.   Cradling a well made mug slows down time, ritualizing an every day moment and allowing a moment of mindfulness into the mundane.  

This is why I create pottery.  And this is why I love to share it with others.  I am not just in the business of creating pottery.  I am in the business of creating moments.