clay with a view: I am now offering pottery experiences at my forest grove studio

studio happenings 05.23.2023

Slowly, but surely, all of my studio dreams are coming true.  Isn't it a beautiful sight?

what I am making: I am whipping up a few special edition butter dishes and canisters (spoiler alert: they will be adorable - I will post pictures once they make it through the next couple of firings) as well as trying to make enough rainbow mugs for June.  

what I am listening to: I just finished The Louding Voice, which is a story of a young girl in Nigeria.  Full of sadness and hope, I loved that the main character's mom taught her to seek out an education because it would give her a "louding voice".  (I personally loved listening to this over reading it.)

Also, I discovered The National Parks, which is a super chill indie folk band that has been accompanying many a throwing session as of late.

what I am dreaming of:  learning more about glazes this summer (yes, I am putting myself in a virtual version of summer school).  As I explored all of the inspiring pottery shops of Korea, I kept wishing that I had access to some of their glazes.  I don't, especially because most potters in Korea fire at cone 10 (which is harder for the everyday pottery) and a lot of them fire in gas kilns, which gives a totally different look to their end product.

I don't have a gas kiln and I don't fire at cone 10, but I can learn more about the chemistry behind glazes.  I've never taken a chemistry class before so wish me luck.  I can't wait!